About Us

The Quittapahilla Highlanders, Inc. formed in 1994 under the direction of Dick Harris, a Penn State Blue Band drumline alumnus. In honor of one of the band’s most influential early Pipe Major’s, the Quittapahilla Highlanders wear uniforms inspired by his former regiment, the storied Black Watch (since 28 March 2006 the third Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland).

We take our name from the Quittapahilla Creek (say QUIT-uh-pah-HILL-uh), a word which European pioneers in the Lebanon Valley adapted from the Lenape Kuwektəpehəle,  ‘it flows out (ktəpehəle) from the pines (kuwe)’. Mills along this stream formed the nucleus of the settlement that grew into Annville.

In addition to parades, the band performs in concert venues, small ensembles and can provide individual pipers as needed.

The Quittapahilla Highlanders are a non-profit corporation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and as of August 2023 we have achieved 501(c)3 status.